• Steuerberatung Influencer, Blogger, Social Media, Youtuber

We understand the life of Digital Natives.

Tax consultant for Influencer
YouTuber, Blogger, Digital Natives

We support you as an influencer in how to properly account for YouTube revenues from advertising or fees.

We record everything 100% digitally so that you can concentrate on your strengths and don’t have to deal with taxes.

Your advantages through the digital tax consultant:

It doesn’t matter where you are located, whether you live, we see ourselves as digital tax consultants at your side and support influencers throughout Germany. Of course you can also come to our office and we will get to know each other in a personal conversation.

The range of services as a tax consultant for Influencer includes

Classical tax consulting and the preparation of your business and private tax returns

We provide you with comprehensive support for all tax obligations. Already at the beginning of your activity the distinction between your types of income is important, whether you obtain income from trade or from self-employment, we will discuss together.

Sales tax consulting

We will support you, no matter whether you start out as a small business owner or immediately as a regular taxable entrepreneur. However, the consequences of your activity as an influencer in terms of turnover tax law should not be underestimated! Especially with regard to international business relations we offer you competent advice for these complex issues.

Classification of business expenses

We will provide you with comprehensive support in assessing which purchases you can and cannot consider as operating expenses. In addition, as tax consultants we will check whether you can claim your workroom as tax deductible.

Accompaniment of your business start-up

We are there for you from the beginning. Starting with advice on the appropriate form of business and tax registration, we are there for you as tax advisors.